Not all meetings are created equal. Some are routine, others are crucial to your organization’s future. An outside group facilitator is generally not a wise investment for the former, but a professional facilitator may be essential for the latter.

Group facilitation is designed to produce maximum outcomes by managing group process and dialogue. Our team has a vast amount of facilitation experience with businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions, and our facilitation style allows participants to stay focused and fully engaged.

Think about a professional group facilitator as your partner, someone who joins you in structuring and running a meeting that yields real results. He or she needs to be skilled, attentive, flexible, and professional.

The decision of whether to use a facilitator for your next group meeting, workshop, retreat, or conference should be based on several factors: your leadership beliefs; the group’s history of effectiveness and interaction; the importance/value of the meeting deliverables; and your own desired level of participation in the meeting.

Each client has unique opportunities, challenges, team dynamics and objectives. As a result, our certified facilitators are always focused on designing processes that achieve desired results. We are available to facilitate the following events:

• Board meetings and retreats
• Management training sessions
• Senior and mid-level management meetings
• Problem diagnosis and decision making
• Team building
• Change management
• Consensus-building
• Communications strategies
• Strategic Planning

Whether a client wants facilitation support for one meeting, a series of meetings related to a project, or ongoing support for a team or group of teams, our expert facilitators can help. We are committed to effective pre-facilitation consultation and planning to be sure the sessions are engaging and productive