Coaches with Columbus Coaching Collaborative are dedicated to helping business leaders focus on what really matters, while growing themselves, their team and their bottom line. Our professionally trained and ICF credentialed coaches customize the coaching experience to best support your strengths, goals and individual style. Whether you’re a corporate executive in a new or challenging role, an entrepreneur seeking to grow your business, or a professional in need of some career guidance, we can help.

The tools of the coaching process — dialogue, goal setting, feedback, advice and encouragement —are used in a customized, innovative manner, are very much hands-on, immediate, and are focused on specific individual and business needs. Individuals or groups who are “well coached” develop increased self-awareness and self-management over time and become better positioned to execute both short and long-term business strategies and goals.

Once perceived as a tool to help correct deficits in performance, professional coaching has become widely used to support top producers and high potentials. Many organizations rely on leadership coaching programs to hone the skills of individuals who have been identified as future leaders. Coaching provides feedback and guidance in “real-time,” developing leaders in the context of their current positions, without taking them away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Our professional coaching is a highly effective method that relies on a collaborative relationship in which the coach helps the client identify specific personal, professional and/or organizational goals and to work toward achieving those goals. Some examples of focused work in coaching include:

Skills: Helping a client improve specific skills and competencies required in the current role

Development: Helping a midlevel manager develop the requisite leadership skills for a senior management role

Performance: Helping a derailing executive understand problem areas and develop improvement plans

Leadership: Helping a business owner or senior executive along any one of many dimensions

Our coaches draw on a blend of our own business experience, relevant management and leadership literature of the day, and the experience of the business owners with whom we have worked in order to customize our coaching approach for each new client. Because we have worked in higher education and owned several successful small businesses, we create a dynamic, professional coaching environment that enables clients to relate to us quickly and completely.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, our coaches are adept at working with groups. We are skilled instructional designers and facilitators, delivering seminars and workshops on leadership effectiveness, communication skills, team building, conflict management, customer service, and other topics for managers and their teams. Our group programs are both professional and enjoyable.

Coaching is available in the following areas:

Business Coaching – Our coaches have business ownership experience, so we’re uniquely qualified to provide the insight and best practices that create success. And, the roadmap we’ll craft together will guide you in achieving the objectives you have for yourself and your company. We frequently work with entrepreneurs who are so busy working IN their business they don’t take the time to work ON their business, as well as successful businesspeople ready to take their enterprise to the next level through enhanced planning, goal setting and tactical execution.

Personal Brand Coaching – This is a specific type of coaching approach for business leaders interested in personal branding. The concept of personal branding allows leaders to clarify their positioning in their career environment and align their personal behavior with their desired public perception.

Experiential Leader Coaching – Our coaches focus on helping you develop your leadership skills and personal brand. Experiential Leader Coaching may be right for you if you answer “yes” to these three questions:

  1. Are you new (under two years) in a leadership role in your organization or business?
  2. Do you want to become the best leader, manager or business owner you can possibly be – the type of person that serves as a catalyst for creating superb results?
  3. Would you like to maximize your own performance while inspiring excellence in those you lead?

Life Coaching – Part advisor, part visionary, part cheerleader, a Life Coach for personal development focuses on self-discovery, growth and taking action to achieve clarity, balance, satisfaction, overall self-improvement and success. As Life Coaches for personal development, our goal is to help our clients live a fulfilled life of purpose that aligns with their values and allows them to make choices that match their unique style while overcoming obstacles that impact them negatively and zap their energy.

Life coaching can help you:

  • Understand and appreciate yourself more
  • Set priorities in your life
  • Achieve better balance
  • Play to your strengths and have more fun
  • Resolve personal problems
  • Bring clarity to your life

Life Coaching is an awesome way to help people live more authentically. By being true to who you are you develop the drive and confidence to begin living your dreams.

Leadership Coaching – If you are a senior leader, you are likely managing a great deal of responsibility, and you are seeking opportunities to reflect, clarify, and think through your vision and strategies. Our focus is on people like you – executives and senior managers within your organization or family business.

Group and Team Coaching – We help teams access their potential by teaching them to leverage diversity and strength and to embrace and manage conflict as powerful creative forces that lead to innovation and growth. Team coaching is right for you if:

  • You are a newly formed team that wants to hit the ground running
  • Your team is struggling to make decisions, meet deadlines, reach goals, and achieve results
  • A high level of conflict is causing your team to fracture and get stuck
  • You’re a high performing team that wants to take its performance to the next level
  • Lack of communication among team members is frustrating, confusing, de-motivating and getting in the way of success