All of the Collaborative coaches are content experts in coaching and other related topics. They personalize their presentations to those who participate by weaving individual results into a collective picture of what teamwork and collaboration could look like as the principles of leadership are applied.”
Dean, Higher Education

Whether it is a corporate strategy or a personal goal, these coaches are expert in moving individuals and teams from Point A to Point B. Their leadership and focus are key ingredients in their success as coaches. Once your goals are set, their style is to encourage and inspire you to reach and exceed your expectations.”  Vice President, Pharmaceutical Sales

When I was first presented the opportunity to attend the ELCP class, I thought, “Great. Two hours in the morning and I will be falling asleep.” That hasn’t happened once. It is very hands-on and interactive.”  ELCP participant

My participation with the Coaching Collaborative has probably been the most valuable and personal leadership development I have ever made or received. The instruction and material is top notch and challenged me to become a better leader and a better person.” Exec. Dir. of non-profit

Thought provoking experiential training.  Simply time well spent.”
County Manager

The Columbus Coaching Collaborative coaches provided great insight for me regarding my strengths and how I can leverage them personally and professionally. The coaches are excellent to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. I felt an instant connection with the StrengthsFinder coach I worked with and look forward to hiring her in the future. Terrific experience!” Manager, Sales & Marketing

The excellence, passion, values and purpose offered by all of the Collaborative coaches are strengths in their coaching. Over the years, I have personally experienced their coaching, have referred clients to them and partnered with them in coaching endeavors. The results are the same; people are enlightened, understanding awakens and lives are transformed. ” Professor, Higher Education

The ELCP is an eye-opening training opportunity that is in a safe and supportive space with availability to the coaches between sessions.” ELCP Participant

The ELCP forced me to take a look at who I am as a leader in terms of my strengths and areas of growth. The program has made me more aware of why I choose to be a leader, how I see myself as a leader and how I want to be remembered as a leader. Great program – great coaches!” ELCP Participant

Through the ELCP, you are able to reflect and grow on essential life skills that are needed personally and at work in an encouraging supportive group environment.  You are coached on how to better use your strengths, how to improve your weaknesses, and how to work and empathize with others that are different from you.  You leave the experience rejuvenated and more confident in yourself knowing you are great and can continue to grow with the reassurance if you ever need guidance you have an amazing coaching team and new peers to help you through your challenges.”
Mid-level Manager

The many leadership tips I learned in the ELCP can’t be listed. In six sessions, I have learned more about myself and where I want to be than I knew there was to know.” ELCP participant

I really enjoyed the ELCP class, the instructors and the ability to work with others in my community. I took away so much great material that I have already been able to implement in my day-to-day work and personal life.” Manager at healthcare organization